The Red Earth Series Has Officially Launced


It’s been great getting The Starstrike ready for launch and continuing to grow the series. The Starstrike is apart of the Red Earth Series and will Volume 1. GG5, my main character, is coming of age in The Starstrike, growing and learning about the world around her as an extraterrestrial species in a very high-tech, but still very Victorian world.

The story itself reflects my long held love for Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Victorian age. In my graduate studies, I fell in love with the 19th century and accidently took courses in the American Renaissance and the Victorian Era; two literary periods that existed in two different countries during the same century. I became fascinated with the ideas that were spreading in England about the end of the century, and the rising New Woman. While that was happening in England, in America, a different sort of literary revolution was happening in terms of Americans trying to define their own literary culture, separate from England. But still, the appeal of Victorian greats like Charles Dickens, who my character GG5 happens to love, did not escape them.

I suppose, The Starstrike, is a story of my passion and even fascination with the paranormal genre ideals, evidenced in future characters (not to spoil it for you!). Likewise, I also have an interest in fantasy and science fiction action, and movies concerning the military with strong but human female leads. G.I. Jane, with Demi Moore is a favorite of mine!

Somehow I managed to roll of these loves into a Sci-Fi Dystopian world I love, and have called The Red Earth Series. I have big plans for Red Earth, and the subsequent books to follow. My writing is almost literary in style, but I do like the flow of scene-by-scene action in books, and therefore mirrored my own to fashion a blend of these two writing styles.

For November, I plan to release Episodes on a weekly basis, launching at Midnight Eastern Standard time on Mondays, to hopefully fill your week with a bit of Victorian Sci-fi, and my ever-so curious character GG5!

The first 3 episodes of The Starstrike will be free like all Kindle Vellas to sample. I hope the adventurous reader gives my story a try, and hopefully samples some of the other great works by Kindle Vella authors on the platform, and ones I’ve interviewed here.  

I’ll leave you all with the book summary and wish you a ‘happy reading!’

Born from the stars that brought magic and chaos to the world, GG5 comes of age in a twist of captivity and political intrigue. She must adapt to a society that fears her very nature, all while controlling and discovering who and what she is.   

Caught in the clutch of the Republic, as a level five specimen, GG5 longs for freedom but quickly learns to fear the world of the natural born humans. A world where woman’s power has declined for the preservation of humanity. 

As a starborn, as an evolving specimen in Red Earth, GG5 has two choices: survive and adapt by any means, or perish under the force of her own gifts.   

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The Starstrike is coming to Kindle Vella this November 2021! Follow GG5 in a coming of age & dystopian story, of a girl born from a star in a technologically advanced Victorian world.

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