The Starstrike on Tablet

I’m a writer getting ready to release my new dark fantasy series The Starstrike on Kindle Vella this coming November 15th.

The Starstrike, is a dystopian fantasy set in a technologically advanced Victorian world;

Born from the stars that brought magic and chaos to the world, GG5 comes of age in a twist of captivity and political intrigue. She must adapt to a society that fears her very nature, all while controlling and discovering who and what she is.

Caught in the clutch of the Republic, as a level five specimen, GG5 longs for freedom but quickly learns to fear the world of the natural born humans. A world where woman’s power has declined for the preservation of humanity.

As a starborn, as an evolving specimen in Red Earth, GG5 has two choices: survive and adapt by any means, or perish under the force of her own gifts.

For any of you scratching your heads saying what’s Kindle Vella? It is Amazon’s new serialized story platform for readers.

What’s Kindle Vella?

Different from a regular reading experience, Kindle Vella is built in response to reader’s wanting quick reads and two other platforms like Wattpad. This is new territory for me and lots of other writers and readers, and I hope you enjoy watching The Starstrike, come to life on this exciting new platform!

Unlike Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Vella operates using Amazons tokens which can be used to unlock chapters in the story. Token prices are super affordable and can also be used for Amazons other platforms that require tokens for purchases.

What’s great about Kindle Vella is that you can digest several series at once, reading each episode released weekly almost like how you would read comics.

As some of the earliest works of literature were also serialized in the 19th century also like the three volume novel, this is especially exciting for me to see reemerge into popular culture modern.

The Starstrike, Cover Art by J.J. Gonzalez

A little About Me

I am a writer and Graphic designer from New York City. I enjoy creating books; the story and cover alike. I create my stories, blog and fiction adventures aided by my trusty companion and writing assistant ( distraction Queen!) Pancake Jolene.

As everything is being wrapped on the website, I am kicking off two major features to help support my writing and this site.

The Story ❤️ Lovers Group

Part VIP access and bonus perks, my Story Lovers Group is for Patreon pledges and unlocks extra behind-the-scenes content. I developed a range of monthly pledges with tiers from $3 to $8 a month. While I will be posting here, Patreon will have exclusive content and reflections on my whole publishing experience including author readings of new content for the upper tier’s, The Starstrike stickers and art prints, and advanced reading copies of all future published works while pledging is maintained. It’s an exciting time as I get ready to launch the The Starstrike here at Stories by JJ.

Story lovers Group

Next up:

The Story ❤️ Lover Street Team

As I get ready to put The Starstrike on Kindle Vella, I am currently in the works of setting up an ARC team. You can find details on my post here, but basically the ARC team will be an asset to Stories by JJ and receive Advanced Reading Copies for free for helping spread the word about The Starstrike and other future content. There are also other free perks I added and will continue to as I develop the team and grow on Kindle Vella!

Story lover street team

The sign-up form will be up shortly but if you know someone or are interested , yourself please fill out the contact form on my homepage in the meantime.

Those are all the updates for now! Please stay tuned and sign up for my email newsletter or The Starstrike alert list to receive updates on the release!


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The Starstrike is coming to Kindle Vella this November 2021! Follow GG5 in a coming of age & dystopian story, of a girl born from a star in a technologically advanced Victorian world.

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