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Acts of Kings by Celia Shadrach

Author Interview with Celia Shadrach

Author Interview with Celia Shadrach on her Kindle Vella series, Acts of Kings With thirty-nine thumbs up and fifteen episodes written, Acts of Kings, should be counted as a great choice in Kindle Vella for your next speculative fiction read. Shadrach ties in the mythical, and the fantastical, in a unique story that even draws inspiration from the The Bible….

Dean Comyn Author Interview on Something in the Water

Author Interview with Dean Comyn

Author Interview with Dean Comyn on his new thriller series, Something in the Water I was lucky to connect with Dean Comyn and get more details on his new series at the perfect time: he’s about to release another book in it! Thriller hungry readers can enjoy Something in the Water, and keep an eye out for Book Two launching…

10 Reasons to Publish on Kindle Vella

10 Reasons to Publish on Kindle Vella Amazon’s Kindle Vella is a new storytelling platform that launched earlier this year. Similar to platforms like Wattpad, authors receive payment for submitting their stories ideally on a weekly basis. In a nutshell, if you could read your book as a TV episode or comic, that is Kindle Vella. Here are the 10 reasons…

Author Interview with Eric Sazer on The Magical Cave

Kindle Vella Author Interview: Eric Sazer

Kindle Vella Author Interview: Eric Sazer on The Magical Cave Eric Sazer sets the tone for his main character Bryce with a certain realism, and sarcasm that lets Bryce’s personality and inner workings bounce off the page in his relatable paranormal mystery, The Magical Cave. In our interview, Sazer discusses his process, and how he goes about humanizing his characters…

Seeking Authors Stories by JJ

Seeking Indie & Kindle Vella Authors for Interviews!

I’m seeking Indie Authors/Small Press to interview for my blog, and get an excerpt of a recorded Author Reading (up to 2 Minutes) for my Open Mic Podcast! It can be on any work you like (published or unpublished), just please no derogatory or explicit content in your recording, or work where the audio rights have been fully handed over…

Destroying Creatures: Editing

Destroying Creatures

I’m a glutton for punishment. Working on my new story The Starstrike, which will be a large series of Kindle Vellas first, I’ve embarked on the difficult challenge of editing, writing, and designing my own book. Some people may read this and initially think I’m crazy, or just plain ignorant; perhaps they’re right. Perhaps they’re wrong, or perhaps I’m a…

Join the story lover street team

ARC Team Forming! (Dystopian & Fantasy)

The Story Lover Street Team receives FREE Review copies & Other perks for helping promote new stories by simply posting, or writing simple reviews and/or mentions on the platform of their choosing! Podcast: Play in new window | Download