Seeking Authors Stories by JJ

I’m seeking Indie Authors/Small Press to interview for my blog, and get an excerpt of a recorded Author Reading (up to 2 Minutes) for my Open Mic Podcast!

It can be on any work you like (published or unpublished), just please no derogatory or explicit content in your recording, or work where the audio rights have been fully handed over unless you have the publisher’s permission.

For small press authors, please confirm with your publisher up to 2 minutes is okay to read out loud on a recording. Generally, the rule of thumb is less than 10% of a book or one chapter, up to 2 minutes will generally be less than that. Please note this podcast will be monetized with sponsor ads.

Also seeking to interview Kindle Vella authors out there to share their experiences on my new blog. Kindle Vella is new and still a mystery to many people, to writers and readers alike! Let’s work to dispel some of that and grow our readership!

Stories By JJ and Open Mic are just starting, but there still a great way to get some exposure as I push the podcast and blog! Open Mic is a writing podcast I created on the writing experience, and a bit about my journey to self-publishing.

I’m accepting interviews in all genres. Open Mic is optional but a welcome benefit.

Please tell me a little about yourself in the contact form for consideration. You will need to answer written questions on your story, your process and experience, and provide cover art and links to where readers can get the Vella and/or any other links you want to share!


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The Starstrike is coming to Kindle Vella this November 2021! Follow GG5 in a coming of age & dystopian story, of a girl born from a star in a technologically advanced Victorian world.

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