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Author Interview with Skylar Nightingale

Kindle Vella Author Interview: Skylar Nightingale

Author Interview with Skylar Nightingale on Still Sky Skylar Nightingale, is a romance author of two books, Forbidden Acts and Mine Forever. She took the time to discuss her serial, Still Sky, on Kindle Vella with me. After reading the first couple chapters, I got the spicy romance-a-comin’ goosebumps as the seeds for a love triangle were forming in my…

Seeking Authors Stories by JJ

Seeking Indie & Kindle Vella Authors for Interviews!

I’m seeking Indie Authors/Small Press to interview for my blog, and get an excerpt of a recorded Author Reading (up to 2 Minutes) for my Open Mic Podcast! It can be on any work you like (published or unpublished), just please no derogatory or explicit content in your recording, or work where the audio rights have been fully handed over…