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Acts of Kings by Celia Shadrach

Author Interview with Celia Shadrach

Author Interview with Celia Shadrach on her Kindle Vella series, Acts of Kings With thirty-nine thumbs up and fifteen episodes written, Acts of Kings, should be counted as a great choice in Kindle Vella for your next speculative fiction read. Shadrach ties in the mythical, and the fantastical, in a unique story that even draws inspiration from the The Bible….

Author Interview Jeff Burns of Super Knocked Up

Author Interview with Jeff Burns

Author Interview with Jeff Burns on his Kindle Vella series, Super Knocked Up ! Jeff Burns is a web series creator and author, offering insight on how he merges the two writing styles with his comedy Super Knocked Up. Tell me a little bit about your Kindle Vella. My Kindle Vella series is called Super Knocked Up. It’s an action/comedy…

The Red Earth Series Has Officially Launced

The Starstrike has Officially Launched!

THE STARSTRIKE HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! It’s been great getting The Starstrike ready for launch and continuing to grow the series. The Starstrike is apart of the Red Earth Series and will Volume 1. GG5, my main character, is coming of age in The Starstrike, growing and learning about the world around her as an extraterrestrial species in a very high-tech,…

Stories by JJ Media Digest

Stories By J.J. Media Digest: Tik Tok Time!

Stories by J.J. Media Digest: Tik Tok Time! In case you missed it around the web, here’s a collection of videos for your viewing pleasure! For live updates please follow me on Tik Tok @StoriesbyJJ

Join the story lover street team

ARC Team Forming! (Dystopian & Fantasy)

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The Starstrike has launched! Review team forming!

After a big journey in writing and development, I finally released The Starstrike on to Amazon and got the bowl rolling! As some of you may know, I started the writing The Starstrike in Kindle Vella and grew of from there. It was a nice transition and I still love Kindle Vella but I’m happy to take my sci-fi dystopian…

Dean Comyn Author Interview on Something in the Water

Author Interview with Dean Comyn

Author Interview with Dean Comyn on his new thriller series, Something in the Water I was lucky to connect with Dean Comyn and get more details on his new series at the perfect time: he’s about to release another book in it! Thriller hungry readers can enjoy Something in the Water, and keep an eye out for Book Two launching…

Author Interview with Skylar Nightingale

Kindle Vella Author Interview: Skylar Nightingale

Author Interview with Skylar Nightingale on Still Sky Skylar Nightingale, is a romance author of two books, Forbidden Acts and Mine Forever. She took the time to discuss her serial, Still Sky, on Kindle Vella with me. After reading the first couple chapters, I got the spicy romance-a-comin’ goosebumps as the seeds for a love triangle were forming in my…

Author Interview with Marx Pyle on Obsidian Monsters

Author Interview with: Marx Pyle

Author Interview with Marx Pyle on his Kindle Vella Obsidian Monsters, and Upcoming Anthology Dragons of a Different Tail Marx Pyle is one busy author! While he has his exciting urban fantasy, Obsidian Monsters, on Kindle Vella going, he also is releasing a new anthology Dragons of a Different Tail: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales, where he is working with numerous…

10 Reasons to Publish on Kindle Vella

10 Reasons to Publish on Kindle Vella Amazon’s Kindle Vella is a new storytelling platform that launched earlier this year. Similar to platforms like Wattpad, authors receive payment for submitting their stories ideally on a weekly basis. In a nutshell, if you could read your book as a TV episode or comic, that is Kindle Vella. Here are the 10 reasons…

Author Interview with Dale E Lehman on The Belt

Kindle Vella Author Interview: Dale E. Lehman

Indie Author Interview: Dale E. Lehman on his Kindle Vella The Belt, and upcoming Books Penitence & Rooftop Sonata Intense, with a rush of energy, Dale E. Lehman’s The Belt, on Kindle Vella, opens like an action packed movie. You may forget you’re reading in the first the place! Lehman discusses The Belt and his numerous upcoming works. A member…