Dean Comyn Author Interview on Something in the Water

Author Interview with Dean Comyn on his new thriller series, Something in the Water

I was lucky to connect with Dean Comyn and get more details on his new series at the perfect time: he’s about to release another book in it! Thriller hungry readers can enjoy Something in the Water, and keep an eye out for Book Two launching next month!

Tell me a little bit about your Thriller series.

Something in the Water started as an idea four or five years ago. Way before Covid. I wanted to tell a story that was real enough to be scary. The idea of bioweapons and a man-made pandemic scare me. Scares me more now, of course. I figured if it scares me, it ought to scare just about anyone.

In Book One: Drowning, a brilliant young scientist has disappeared- vanished from the opera house Friday night- about the same time Charles Burns was playing hockey. Across town (in Shepherd’s Bush) over a million pounds worth of equipment was stolen Veda’s lab, leaving two dead witnesses behind.

Book One introduces most of the characters that populate the series. It follows ‘Not Yet Detective’ Charles Burns (he’s called that because his promotion hasn’t been made official), and MCU2, a newly-formed Major Crimes task force with the London Metropolitan Police. The story takes place over one weekend, following Burns as the search takes him from London to Estonia and finally to a secret lab in Iceland. He has to make hard choices about who lives and who dies along the way.

What would you say inspired Drowning?

Fear, mostly. Like I said, a man-made global catastrophe is something to be afraid of, because the danger is real. Science and technology have advanced exponentially in the past 200 years, often with catastrophic results. Despite good intentions… I’m not saying Covid was man-made. But I do love a good conspiracy theory.

Who’s your favorite character(s) in the Something in the Water series so far? I know it’s hard!

You’re right, it’s not easy naming one favourite. The characters have grown as the series evolves, and grown on me. Some, to the point where I almost regret killing them off…

What’s your writing process like, especially pertaining to this work?

Book One took me four years to finish. It was going to be a novel, then that seemed too daunting a task for me. I decided to break the story down into novella-sized books. But when I got rolling on Book One, the plot and the story, it quickly became a full-length novel. Book Two is almost ready, and it took less than a year from outline to here, so I guess my writing process is at least a little faster, more efficient. But it isn’t as long as Drowning, either. Of course, a lot of what I wrote before publishing Drowning is finding its way into the series. 

What would you say is the hardest challenge you face as a writer, and what steps do you take to overcome it?

If I’m only talking about the writing aspect, I’d say it’s hardest for me to maintain a schedule. Setting goals is easy. Hitting targets is difficult when I let myself get in my own way. 

Being a self-published author is a whole set of challenges that I struggle with more than the writing.

What challenges did you face writing Book Two, coming out in January 2022? 

Being a self-published author, yeah. I’m still learning how to promote my first book, advertising and marketing and algorithms and… Trial and error. Hopefully, Book Two launches well and the series can find a bigger audience.

What’s coming up next with your writing?

While I was writing the second book, I found myself wanting to tell the story from two perspectives, as I was fleshing out the antagonist’s side of the conflict. I realized I had another ‘voice’ that was demanding to be heard. His side of the story will be told in another book, from the other side of the water. I haven’t set a date for that one yet, but I expect it to follow shortly after.

Lastly, where can readers find you online?

Anyone looking can find me, appearing infrequently but usually irreverently, most often on Twitter. Anyone interested in getting an ARC for review should contact me by I’m always looking to expand my readership, and get more reviews!


“…I found myself wanting to tell the story from two perspectives, as I was fleshing out the antagonist’s side of the conflict. I realized I had another ‘voice’ that was demanding to be heard. His side of the story will be told in another book, from the other side of the water.”

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