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Kindle Vella is Amazon’s new story creating platform for serial stories. Stories are released a portion at a time (for example on a weekly basis). Where it differs is that you 3 free chapters to read for FREE on each Kindle Vella you want to read then you pay per chapter for a small fee with Amazon Tokens.

The Starstrike will be released on Kindle Vella by November 15th, 2021. Since I will be publishing 3 Chapters a month, the ARC consists of six chapters, so you will be all caught up until January!

By simply posting or sharing The Starstrike content I post with a few words from yourself. Your personal take on the stories would be amazing. If you have a blog or FB, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter etc feed you post at that would be great. Ideally something where you can send me the links/tag me in it when you have a chance.

The Starstrike’s first 3 episodes will be released by November 15th, so ideally it would be nice to have something posted by then, but since you have two months of new content (in a brand new serial) please post by Dec 15th, the next launch date. If you end up needing more time, please give me a kind heads up.

Just by reading and mentioning the story in a courteous manner by the due dates confirming with me, and I will keep sending future Advanced Reading Copies till you opt out. That’s it!

I’m looking for people who believe in the genres and my work! And are open to trying something new with Kindle Vella.

While feedback is greatly appreciated and (I would love to hear it!) please keep in mind this is not for editing or beta reading services.

Glad we got to this!

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The Starstrike is coming to Kindle Vella this November 2021! Follow GG5 in a coming of age & dystopian story, of a girl born from a star in a technologically advanced Victorian world.

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